Muses are usually the brattiest, most self-centred, egocentric people there are, but fuck, how you miss them when they are gone.


52 semanas.

I cried you a river.
Now I'm drowning in it.



I'll never confess,
even if my life depended on it,
that sometimes
when all goes dark
I still wear that t-shirt I stole from you.

even thou I know it is impossible,
it has your scent still
and it helps me
to feel less lonely.


I know, love.

It's hard not to know love
when I think of you and can't help a smile.
Then you come and say you can't be happy,
and that breaks my fucking heart.
I want to love you right and show you
I know love.
I know how to heal your scars
with kisses made of stitches.
I want to make love out of you.

But then your idea of love comes
and gets in between
and you say that you can't love
But you do! You just don't know love.
You think of love as something that hurts
that takes away everything one is,
but that is not love, my love

But again you say that you don't love me,
then pride comes and takes control
and there is no pride in love
There is no me.
And that makes me think,
am I loving you right?
Is it my fault that you can't love?
I want you to grow wings
so we both can fly
cause it's not you or I, it's us.

But then your idea of love takes over
and your self hate and doubt make me cry again.
Because it hurts to see your doubts
because I want you to love yourself
as I love you
because I know love
I know love

I know, love.